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A Comprehensive View of What Court Reporting Is All About

A number of people have preconceptions about court reporting, one of it is that it’s a boring job but in reality it’s not really as boring as what they think it is. The paperwork that most court reporters do is the main reason why people thought of it as a boring job but if you look at a different perspective, they are actually one of the people who get to experience the real happenings inside the court.

What Are the Qualifications to Become a Court Reporter?

Before a person becomes a qualified court reporter they must first take a licensure exam that is issued and conducted by a board of court reporting experts. There are also organizations for court reporters and it would be best if a person is affiliated to one. In joining a certain organization for court reporters one of the prerequisites involves typing a 250 or 225 words within a minute.

In order to hone their skills further they are required to undergo examinations related to transcription, speed tests and writing examinations as well.

The Job of a Court Reporter

There are other services that court reporters are able to do aside from documentation and transcription of testimonies given by the people involve and the entire court proceedings in general.

– Capture the dialogue of the people inside the court using different pieces of equipment like covered microphones, audio and video recorders as well as stenography machines.
– Report everything that the speaker is doing as well as its identification.
– They are also the ones who will make a report or play back of certain parts of the trial upon the request of the judge.
– Uncertainties in the client’s statements are also clarified by court reporters.
– Reevaluate the notes that they have jot down during the court trial and check if the speakers’ names are there and all the jargons used were captured.
– Editing is also part of their job since they are the ones who examine the transcripts and check if there are typographical errors.
– They see to it that the copies of the transcripts are made available to all the people involved in the court proceedings.
– Transcription through TV or movie dialogue is also possible so as to help those viewers who have difficulties in their hearing.

Those mentioned earlier are just some of the things that a court reporter is oblige to do. The main goal of every court reporter is to provide a good quality report that shall document every aspect of the entire court procedure. It is also vital that the court reporters also known as court stenographers are very particular with spelling, punctuation and grammar as well since these are all needed in making good reports. With that being said, it only means one thing court reporters should be knowledgeable in written and spoken language.

As much as possible, they need to have background knowledge of the case so as the content of their litigation report is on point.

A 10-Point Plan for Reports (Without Being Overwhelmed)

A 10-Point Plan for Reports (Without Being Overwhelmed)